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Old 09-03-15, 07:53 PM
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Default Latest Problems with Performance of Our Site

Hi all, if you tried visiting Coasters-remembered during the last days, you noticed a lack of performance.......again.

It wasn`t our fault, but caused by some problems with our host Yahoo. Seems that they`ve been able to fix it. But we think about changing to another host, if it is going to give problems again, as we all are not really happy when pages are not loading or one can`t access our site at all. If we have to change host, we`ll have to be 100% sure that nothing of our content will be lost, otherwise we`ll have to remain with Yahoo, better "shit.." performance for a few days, than a complete "total loss" of Coasters-remembered
We did survive two major crashes, where we lost everything and had to toil endless weeks, getting it back as best as we could, but all postings of members who didn`t come back, because they`ve departed on their last voyage, or for other reasons...were lost forever.

We are also glad that members are posting, but we would gladly welcome and encourage posting of more members, if one can`t provide pictures, would be no problem, we are glad too of details and histories of the ships or their owners, as well as personal experience of "old salts" it used to be in the days when I visited Coasters-remembered for the first time

Like Robbie wrote so long ago: "This site is for our members......." and it can only remain interesting and popular if it`s "animated" by our members.....

Thank you very much in advance
Dierk, who used to be a "normal" member, but now dedicated bringing back CR to it`s old fame and glory (before the fatal crashes) with the help of my friends and fellow members
Tschüss and all the best
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